Secrets scanning & detection

Your entire tech stack – your codebase, CI/CD pipelines, libraries, container images, collaboration tools, and production environments – is held together by secrets. These API keys, passwords, and tokens, if exposed, can be disastrous. 

Entro, which is not a secrets scanner, but a holistic secrets security solution, enables you to uncover and neutralize any threat before it escalates into a full-blown incident. 

Entro – your secret weapon

Why choose Entro? Entro investigates every commit, every line of code, and every file, uncovering secrets that other secrets scanners miss — in real-time. 

Cover all codebases

GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket — you name it, we’ve got you covered. Integrate any codebase with Entro, and gain full visibility into every secret they contain.

Leave no secret unturned

Why stop at your codebase? Entro keeps an eye on your team’s collaboration tools like Jira, Slack, wikis, logs, and files, ensuring no secret slips through the cracks. 

See everything in your CI/CD

Entro monitors your CI/CD pipelines for secrets so every stage of your development process is secure. From initial commit to final deployment, you have complete visibility into secrets every step of the way.

Detecting hardcoded secrets shouldn’t be hard

Entro effectively detects and mitigates risk from hardcoded secrets, alerting developers in real-time. Go beyond mere secrets detection to analyze context, significance, and potential fallout.

Real-time alerts, for real

We believe in proactive security. That’s why Entro alerts you the moment we detect a secret, so you’re always one step ahead.

Prioritize issues, easy as 1-2-3

Our platform prioritizes real threats by distinguishing between critical issues and minor risks. Don’t go down rabbit holes anymore, focus on the highest priority risks, effortlessly.

Automate, so you pull the trigger first

Entro’s automated mitigation gives you the edge to act fast in a crisis. With less manual intervention and faster response times, you’ll never be caught by surprise.

A secret management solution for all

Entro serves a broad range of roles, including developers, security teams, and cloud operations. Ensure all your teams are compliant, and are fully equipped to handle any incident related to secrets exposure. 

More than just scanning 

Secrets scanning is a crucial first step, but to truly secure your codebase, you need a fully coordinated response.

Don’t just find secrets, dig deep to understand their context and the potential impact if they are exposed. With Entro, you’ll always have comprehensive metadata on all secrets and their usage so you’re never in the dark.

Entro alerts you on which secrets require rotation, so you never skip a beat. This way, even if a secret is exposed, its lifespan is limited. 

Entro is all you need for state-of-the-art secrets scanning and detection. Make it your organization’s best-kept secret.

Hear it from our customers

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what security leaders at some of the world’s biggest companies have to say:

“Using Entro helped my team gain total visibility to all the secrets across our different AWS accounts, code repositories, and collaboration tools. Now that we have that visibility, we can easily manage them. The Entro workflow and UI are intuitive and allow us to identify and manage new secret-related risks through remediation.”

Avishai Avivi

“Entro not only delivered on their promise, but exceeded our expectations by granting our security teams complete oversight and control over our secret keys, which were previously created and managed by our R&D teams. We were able to identify previously undisclosed secrets in various locations, and through the implementation of our security protocols, we were able to mitigate potential risks and improve our overall security.”

Guy Stolero

Your secrets & non human identities all over the place? 

We've got you covered!