Discover, Detect, and Manage Exposed Secrets

Achieve full observability over all of your secrets inventory & spot secrets exposures immediately

Take control of your external secrets, enforce security policies, and reduce your threat surface with context-driven secrets management .

Entro provides organizations the ability to know which of their secrets are externally exposed and the control to easily secure them with enforcement and remediation. Our intelligent threat modeling technology identifies high-risk secrets and prioritizes them for review and protection.

Most  organization today have multiple teams and departments, each handling sensitive data such as passwords, API keys, and encryption keys. These secrets are critical for the organization’s operations and security, but managing them across different systems, applications, and environments can be challenging. This is where Entro comes in to provide full observability and control over the organization’s secrets inventory.

We all know that with the  increasing adoption of cloud computing and DevOps practices, organizations often rely on third-party services and integrations that require secrets to be stored externally. However, these externally stored secrets can pose a significant security risk if not managed properly, as they may be vulnerable to unauthorized access and misuse.

Entro’s intelligent threat modeling technology scans the organization’s secrets inventory to identify secrets that are externally exposed. This includes secrets stored in cloud storage, third-party platforms, and other external systems. By providing full observability, Entro gives organizations a clear understanding of which secrets are at risk and need immediate attention.

Once the externally exposed secrets are identified, Entro allows organizations to take control by enforcing security policies. Organizations can define their own security policies based on industry best practices, compliance requirements, and internal security standards. Entro provides a centralized dashboard that allows security teams to configure and manage these policies, including defining access controls, monitoring for suspicious activity, and setting up automated remediation actions.

In addition to policy enforcement, Entro also offers context-driven threat modeling. This means that Entro not only identifies externally exposed secrets but also prioritizes them based on their risk level. For example, a secret used in a critical production system may be considered higher risk compared to a secret used in a non-critical development environment. This prioritization allows organizations to focus their resources and efforts on protecting the most critical secrets first, reducing their overall threat surface.

With Entro, organizations can achieve full observability over their secrets inventory, know which secrets are externally exposed, and take control by enforcing security policies and prioritizing threat mitigation. This not only helps organizations reduce the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches but also improves their overall security posture by proactively identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities in their secrets management practices.

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