Secure Non-human identities

Identities are no longer confined to the human realm. Behind every line of code, every API call, there exists an identity that isn’t human. These non-human identities serve as the programmatic access keys, facilitating  authentication and interactions between systems and services, powering every API call, database, or storage account access

As we rely on MFA and passwords to secure human identities, the question arises: How do we ensure the security and integrity of non-human identities? How do we authenticate, authorize, and manage access for entities that lack a heartbeat but hold the keys to critical systems?

The challenge

Let’s break it down.

Consider a cloud-native application which is made up of tiny neighborhoods called microservices, all packed neatly into containers. These microservices are like little worker bees, each doing its own specific job, whether it’s processing data, checking your credentials, or fetching stuff from a database. And they chat with each other using APIs, making sure everything runs smoothly for us users. To use those APIs the microservices need to authenticate and they are using non-human identities and secrets for it, which are incessantly programmatic access keys,

Now, if a hacker managed to get one of those non-human identities or secrets. They could cause chaos—stealing your secrets, messing with your data, or even shutting down the whole system. 

Without strong security measures, a system is wide open to these kinds of attacks. Companies need to lock things down tight to keep data safe and systems running smoothly. 

The solution

What’s needed is a comprehensive suite of features to meet the needs of managing non-human identities.

Comprehensive secrets visibility

To manage non-human identities at scale you need a bird’s-eye view of all machine identities in your systems. From ownership details to permissions and risk levels, all this critical information needs to be centralized, empowering your security teams to understand the secrets landscape thoroughly. No more guessing games—just clear insights into non-human identities and their potential vulnerabilities.

Real-time monitoring & protection

As you manage non-human identities you need real-time monitoring to keep a vigilant eye on your secrets, flagging any suspicious activity instantaneously. Whether it’s an unauthorized access attempt or an unexpected change in permissions, continuous scanning of secrets will ensure you’re always one step ahead of potential threats. When something suspicious happens, it’s not enough to just sound the alarm, you need a solution that offers practical steps to take to tackle the issue immediately.

Centralized governance 

Centralized governance simplifies secrets management for non-human identities. By consolidating all security controls into one streamlined platform, it becomes easy for you to oversee access to non-human identities. From identification to prioritization and remediation, you need seamless collaboration between security and development teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to protecting your digital assets.

Vulnerability detection & false positive elimination

Not every alert is a cause for panic. That’s why vulnerability detection should go beyond just flagging potential risks—it should distinguish between genuine threats and false alarms. By eliminating false positives and focusing on the real issues, your security teams can tackle vulnerabilities efficiently, without wasting time on unnecessary distractions.

This is what it takes to manage secrets security for non-human identities. It’s what we obsess about here at Entro. 

Why Entro

With Entro‘s non-human identity management solution, organizations can:

  • Gain complete visibility of secrets that protect code, APIs, containers, and serverless functions scattered across various systems and environments.
  • Identify and prioritize security risks, remediate vulnerabilities, and prevent unauthorized access to critical financial systems and data.
  • Automate the remediation of identified security risks, saving time and resources for the security and development teams.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such as SOC2, GDPR, and others by maintaining robust access controls and security measures.

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