Manage and Secure Non-Human Identities Lifecycle at Scale

Detect & Protect

Automatically discover, classify and asses all Non-human identities, for posture gaps

Non-human identity Detection & Response

Real-time detection and response for Non-human identities. Response to active threat immediately with confidence

Automate lifecycle & Remediate

Automate vaulting, rotation, decommissioning and remediation at scale

Why Entro ?

All your Non-human identities in a single pane of glass 

Discover & Obtain a complete overview of all Non-human identities  wherever they exist 

Identify threats before they grow & escalate

Thoroughly analyze & enhance  each and every Non-human identity for insights into ownership, access, permissions, and risks

Effortlessly manage policies to avoid chaos

Embrace a proactive strategy, by establishing NHI baseline policies. Entro alerts you of any policy deviation

Auto Remediate threats at scale with confidence

Detect & Eliminate threats with context.  Streamline, accelerate  & automate Non-Human identities remediation processes 

How it works

Inventory & Classification

Discover & categorize all Non-human identities and vaults. Gain full content: how many? where?, rotation schedules, owners, access and more.


Monitor & track Non-human identity vulnerabilities. Static risk analysis to detect misconfigurations, gaps, and threats.


Proactive defense for Non-human identities. provides real-time detection and response to indicators of an active threat


Remediate at scale, unlock remediation workflows and out of box instructions

Entro Features

Automated lifecycle management & security for non-human identities 


Discovery & Inventory

Discover all Non-human identity at creation locations, Vaults and exposure locations for a full inventory


Enrich each Non-human identity and secret to understand owners, permissions, usage, enablement, rotation time and more


Posture Management

Secure & manage non-human identities. Avoid risks & misconfigurations


Monitor all secrets, Non-human identity and vaults for any abnormal behavior


Rotation & Vaulting

Streaming rotation and make sure all secrets are vaulted

Provision & Decomission

Remove stale and unneeded Non-human identity to reduce your attack surface

Non-Human Identities and Secrets are Everywhere

So is Entro !  

Your secrets & non human identities all over the place? 

We've got you covered!