Rotation and Vaulting

Automate rotation and make sure all secrets are vaulted. Actively enforce policy compliance.

Streamline vaulting and enforce policies by actively rotating at-risk secrets or triggering automated alerts to notify non-human identity owners of token expiration or policy violations.

More solutions​

Discovery & Inventory

Discover all non-human identities and their secrets across your organization


100+ Non-human identity types analyzed for ownership, permissions, and continuous risk monitoring.

Posture management

Strengthen your security posture. Safeguard Non- human identities and secrets through enforced vault policies and best practices


Swiftly detect and mitigate threats of your  non-human identities through real-time monitoring and analysis of vault and cloud logs .

Provision & Decommission

Simplified provisioning, decommissioning, and end-to-end lifecycle control of Non-human identities