We are Entro

A game changer in secrets management and protection

Entro is a revolutionary cyber holistic security platform that offers end-to-end protection for secrets and programmatic access to cloud services and data. With Entro, CISOs and cyber security professionals enjoy comprehensive oversight, ensuring uncompromised protection for their organizations.

Our team of seasoned experts combines visionary thinking with practical experience to assist organizations in bridging the gap between their security and R&D teams. By creating a secure cloud environment, we help accelerate business growth and success.

Our leadership​

Meet Entro’s executive team, leading the security revolution

Itzik Alvas

Co-founder and CEO

Adam Cheriki

Co-founder and CTO

Nirit Icekson


Craig Clark

VP of Sales

Steve Johnson

VP of Field and Sales Operations

Our investors

We are proud to be vested by the best in the cyber industry

Hyperwise Ventures

Stage One Ventures

Your secrets & non human identities all over the place? 

We've got you covered!