Real-time Secret Detections and Rapid Response

Constantly monitor your managed or unmanaged secrets.

Entro will track the activity of your secrets and tokens, across your entire enterprise foothold, while detecting secrets that are vulnerable, detecting and tackling potential threats in real-time in case of observed abuse and misuse of your secrets. 

Entro also offers effective remediations that can be forwarded to the responsible entities of your secrets, using any task management or alerting integration.

  • Major Secret  security risks exist in production
    Over privileged secrets,unrotated secrets, and exposed secrets are only a partial list of the ever growing secrets risks. based on Entros  database of hundreds of real-life attacks, alerts of any security violations and suspicious actions are issued within  seconds.
  • Detecting  anomaliesis a must 

            Go beyond a simple  inventory to real time, continous  anaysis of secrets behaviour.

            Monitor secrets usage consumption to avoid secrets targeted attacks. 

A baseline understanding of typical behavior is established  in order to identify anything out of the ordinary. Anomalies should then be examined with context.

Want full security oversight?

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