IAM anomaly detection purpose-built for secrets

IAM anomaly detection for secrets

Stay ahead of the game with Entro’s IAM* anomaly detection that’s purpose-built for secrets. Leverage a holistic secrets security solution that detects unusual behavior around secrets, so you never have to face unexpected surprises alone. 


*IAM = Identity and access management

Uncover hidden threats in access behavior

With Entro’s privileged behavior analytics, you can dive deep into the IAM policies that govern your organization’s secrets, uncover hidden anomalies and gain insights into access patterns. Identify deviations from normal behavior, such as access from new locations, or sudden changes in data access patterns. It’s like having a magnifying glass for secrets.

Comprehensive IAM anomaly detection

Our comprehensive monitoring spans logs, files, collaboration tools looking for abnormal behavior around secrets. With real-time visibility into how various apps and users access secrets, you can rest assured your digital landscape is secure.

Real-time alerts for suspicious activity

Receive instant alerts the moment an IAM anomaly is detected on any secret within your systems. Stay ahead of the curve and respond to threats as they emerge.

Automated efficiency in detecting IAM anomalies

Automate the IAM anomaly detection process, and save time and effort. This includes automated alerts for secret exposures, so you can act swiftly. Enjoy peace of mind with a system that works around the clock.

Beyond detection: Privileged behavior analytics

Get alerts on which secrets need reduced privileges using Entro’s privileged behavior analytics. Go beyond mere detection – analyze context, significance, and potential fallout to make informed decisions.

Prioritize, analyze, and act on IAM anomalies

Automatically prioritize the highest-risk secrets so you can focus on what matters most. With Entro, smart data-driven secrets management is at your fingertips.

A solution for all

Achieve compliance and handle incidents with a tailored solution, especially when secrets are involved. Entro’s IAM anomaly detection for secrets is designed to serve developers, security teams, cloud operations, and more. 

Entro, your complete solution for secrets IAM

Gain state-of-the-art IAM anomaly detection, so you never have to worry about weak secrets security anymore. Leverage a comprehensive solution designed to empower organizations to embrace a new era of digital protection. Join the ranks of security leaders who trust Entro for their IAM anomaly detection and secrets management needs. 

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“Using Entro helped my team gain total visibility to all the secrets across our different AWS accounts, code repositories, and collaboration tools. Now that we have that visibility, we can easily manage them. The Entro workflow and UI are intuitive and allow us to identify and manage new secret-related risks through remediation.”

Avishai Avivi

“Entro not only delivered on their promise, but exceeded our expectations by granting our security teams complete oversight and control over our secret keys, which were previously created and managed by our R&D teams. We were able to identify previously undisclosed secrets in various locations, and through the implementation of our security protocols, we were able to mitigate potential risks and improve our overall security.”

Guy Stolero

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