Secrets protection, designed for security teams

Complete Secret Detection Solution

Reveal any secret across all realms, including vaults, code, CI/CD and many more

In-depth Secrets Visibility

Gain full visibility of your secrets, including the owner, enablement status, permission, correlated service, and risk level

Real-time Monitoring
& Protection

With continuous secrets scanning, monitor abnormal behavior surrounding your secrets, detect anomalies coupled with remediation recommendations

Why Entro ?

Govern any secret from a single pane of glass

Proactively identify, prioritize, remediate, and prevent secret risks compromising your business

Visualize & track the activity of any and all secrets

Comprehensive secret detection across all organization’s solutions, enhanced secret lineage correlation and in-depth visibility

Detect secrets vulnerabilities and eliminate false positives

Deep secret analysis and metadata enrichment as well as identifying abnormal or malicious secret activity

Save time by automating remediation

Reduce secret risks, accelerate remediation, and save the security and development teams time and money

How it works

Secrets discovery

Understand how many secrets you have and where are they

Secrets classification and enrichment

Ensure your have assigned owners and visualize secret governance and vital actionable information

Anomaly detection and response

Continuously monitor your secrets for abnormal behavior alerts. Quick response to any secret threat

Security and Compliance reports

Maintain transparency with management stakeholders and meet auditor requirements

Entro Features

Gain full overview of your secrets in seconds

Consolidate secret security

Discover and secure your secrets governance across all vaults, clouds, code, emails and solutions. Attach risk severity and actionable context.

Detect secrets vulnerabilities

Continuously monitor your secrets activities for anomalous behaviors, control access and prevent sensitive information leak.

Dark Web leakage

Detect compromised secrets on the dark web, providing early alerts and swift remediation.


Uncover misconfigurations in vaults, secret stores and facilitate automatic secret posture management and remediation, benchmark and compliance reports.

Least privilege

Enforce least privilege access by identifying and removing secrets’ excessive privileges. Eliminate manual steps to analyze which secret has access to what.

Bring Your Own Vault (BYOV)

Entro seamlessly integrates with R&D teams’ workflow and empowers organizations to use their preferred tools, without sacrificing security.

Your secrets & non human identities all over the place? 

We've got you covered!