Non-human identities lifecycle management & Secrets security designed for security teams

Stop Non-human identity & Secrets threats before it’s too late

Say goodbye to manual rotations

Automatically rotate your secrets and non-human identities 

Out of box discovery and classification

You can’t protect what you can’t see. Entro identifies, analyzes and provides full context to all non-human identities and secrets

Always Vault

Streamline vaulting to ensure no secret is left unvalued

 Automate your policy

Get Non-human identities and secrets best practice policy or create your own . Entro will remediate any drift in scale

How it works

5 Min onboarding



Answer a few simple questions and get Non-human identity and Secrets security policy

Inventory & Classification

Discover and catalog all your non-human identities, secrets and vaults


Monitor for any abnormal behavior and prevent attacks in real time

Auto remediate at scale

Entro will automate rotation, vaulting, permission right sizing, offboarding, and keep you NHIs secure and compliant

Entro Features

Developers run fast , Entro keeps you in control

Automate lifecycle management

Remove misconfiguration

Stop external leakage

Right size permission

Unlock Decentralized vault management

Detect and respond to risks

Non-Human Identities and Secrets are Everywhere

So is Entro !  

Your secrets & non human identities all over the place? 

We've got you covered!