Discover all secrets 

Automate secrets discovery & ensure no secret remains in hiding and no – we are not a vault

Are you worried about secrets lurking in your organization’s vaults and code repositories? 

Are you struggling to answer vital questions about how many secrets you have, where they are stored, who is using them, and what risks they pose?

With one-click integration, Entro maps all the places where secrets can be stored or exposed, including vaults, code repositories, CI/CD, cloud services and collaboration solutions, among others. No more blind spots or limited visibility – Entro enables you to uncover secrets automatically and gives you a comprehensive view of your secret inventory.

The Entro platform provides security teams with vital insights into the types of services and data that your secrets engage within multiple and various types of vaults such as AWS secrets storage, Azure KV, GitHub secrets, and k8s secrets. But wait, it doesn’t stop there.

Entro goes beyond just counting secrets

It helps you detect secrets stored in non-secured locations that could potentially lead to breaches and misuse. From code repositories to serverless applications, configurations to cloud services, and collaborative platforms to the dark web, Entro uncovers exposed secrets and fully enriches each exposure point to determine the scope of potential threats. This allows your teams to prioritize remediation efforts effectively and stay ahead of potential security risks.

With Entro, you can uncover all secrets, and  gain full  visibility into:

  • Where they are
  • Who is using them-  is it a human? An application?
  • Which cloud was accessed and with what secret?
  • When was the last rotation? 
  • What risks do they pose?
  • What are the proactive measures need to be taken to protect the organization 

Say goodbye to blind spots and hello to comprehensive security and context.

Your secrets & non human identities all over the place? 

We've got you covered!