Visualize and Reduce Secret Attack Surface 

Unleash the power of visualization to safeguard your organization from secrets attacks with Entro.

Are you concerned about the unknown secret exposures in your organization’s attack surface? It’s like a puzzle with missing pieces. With Entro, you can visualize your attack surface, reduce risks, and automate secrets security and management. Let’s dive in!

The attack surface is a moving target

Your organization’s attack surface is not just about the vulnerabilities you know – it’s about the ones you don’t. Secrets such as API keys, and access tokens are the connecting links in any organization’s attack surface. You need an exact number of how many secrets are active in your systems, what resources these secrets have access to, and what’s at stake if they are compromised.

secrets management dashboard

Discover every single secret

Entro’s secrets Lineage Map gives you complete oversight of your organization’s secrets. It discovers every single secret within vaults, secrets stores, collaboration tools, CI/CD pipelines, and more. Enrich each secret with a wealth of metadata, such as the secret’s owner, its creation and last rotation dates, and the cloud services it can access with specific privileges. 

Correlate each secret with its corresponding cloud token using this enriched context. Transform your secrets from mere keys to well-documented, well-understood assets.

Visualize and understand with Entro’s Lineage Map

Think of Entro’s Secrets Lineage Map as a GPS for your organization’s secrets. This dynamic threat model illuminates the connections between applications and cloud services, allowing you, with just a few clicks, to gain insight into how various parts of your system interact with each other.

mapping secrets across network

Enrich your secrets for smarter security

Go beyond manual audits, and embrace a new era of total and continuous oversight over your secrets. Gain valuable metadata to each secret, such as the secret owner, creation details, privileges, and associated risks. With features like anomaly detection, continuous monitoring, and misconfiguration alerts, you’re not just reducing the attack surface but making it smarter and more compliant.

Secrets management — automated, centralized, intelligent

As we move towards a more digital world, automation has shifted from being a luxury to a necessity. Take advantage of continuous monitoring, ML algorithms, and misconfiguration alerts to safeguard against secret vulnerabilities.

Bring your own vault

It’s likely you already use one or more vaults. Don’t leave them behind. Enable R&D teams to plug any vault or secrets storage they use into Entro, ensuring flexibility and compliance. 

Have control during any threat

An attack surface is complex and ever-changing. Now, you can take control of threats like never before. Visualize, enrich, and automate — it’s all within reach. Discover all secrets, enrich them with vital details, and continuously monitor for any misuse or abuse. 

The future of attack surface protection is automated, intelligent, and tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Get the insights you need to take control of your entire attack surface with Entro’s holistic secrets security solution.

Your secrets & non human identities all over the place? 

We've got you covered!