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A pioneer in non-human identity management, Entro enables organizations to securely utilize  non-human identities and secrets,  overseeing their usage  and automating their lifecycle from inception to rotation. 

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“Using Entro helped my team gain total visibility to all the secrets across our different AWS accounts, code repositories, and collaboration tools. Now that we have that visibility, we can easily manage them. The Entro workflow and UI are intuitive and allow us to identify and manage new secret-related risks through remediation.”

Avishai Avivi

“Entro not only delivered on their promise, but exceeded our expectations by granting our security teams complete oversight and control over our secret keys, which were previously created and managed by our R&D teams. We were able to identify previously undisclosed secrets in various locations, and through the implementation of our security protocols, we were able to mitigate potential risks and improve our overall security.”

Guy Stolero

“Entro has become an essential tool for our organization. Their platform provides robust solutions for securing secrets and managing non-human identities and is integrated into our existing workflows. We highly recommend Entro to any company looking to improve their overall secrets security posture.”

Or Avraham
Cloud security


“Leveraging Entro, we’re able to reduce the mean-time-to-respond to any future leakage. In addition to that, by marrying the power of Entro together with that of Elastic, we’re able to generate metrics and increase secrets management best practices across the different Elastic teams”

Christopher Cutajar
Senior Security Engineer


“Many tools claim to discover secrets but only Entro Security gave us the total package when it comes to detection and surveillance of secrets and non-human identities with their NHIDR capabilities.  Entro is a true game-changer that shines a light on every CISO’s blind-spot to how secrets and NHIs are used, shared/leaked, and stored through the entire lifecycle.  I recommend every company with code get Entro!  

(Did I mention they have an amazing customer success and support organization?)

John Paul Cunningham

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Awards and Achievements

The Challenge

The Secret Sprawl - Your secrets are out of control.

Secrets-based cyber attacks are devastating and growing as more and more secrets are created by R&D teams and spread across various vaults and repositories with no real secret management, monitoring, or security oversight.


Streamline and secure your non-human identity lifecycle management

Manage non-human identities at scale

With Entro, security teams can now oversee and protect Non-human identities with automated lifecycle management and seamless integration, ensuring comprehensive security & compliance through a unified interface.


Discovery & Inventory

Discover all NHI at creation locations, Vaults and exposure locations for a full inventory


Enrich each NHI and secret to understand owners, permissions, usage, enablement, rotation time and more


Posture Management

 Secure & manage non-human identities. Avoid risks & misconfigurations


Monitor all secrets, NHI and vaults for any abnormal behavior


Rotation & Vaulting

Streaming rotation and make sure all secrets are vaulted

Provision & Decomission

Remove stale and unneeded NHI to reduce your attack surface

Discover, monitor & govern

machine authentication credentials, tokens and programmatic access to cloud service & data


Entro seamlessly Integrates with your existing platforms

Transforming non-human identity management

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Your secrets & non human identities all over the place? 

We've got you covered!