Why We Backed Entro Security: Redefining Secrets Management and Protection

Ben Omelchenko, Managing Partner, Hyperwise Ventures
May 17, 2023

Identifying an Opportunity in Cybersecurity

As an investor, it’s always a thrill to spot opportunities that have the potential to redefine the landscape of an industry. This time, our attention was captured by Entro Security, an Israeli cybersecurity startup that has brought a unique solution to a critical problem within the cybersecurity realm: secret-based breaches. The cybersecurity problem that Entro solves is one that has been growing exponentially. As companies continue to integrate multiple cloud services, the number of secrets – programmatic access keys like API keys, access tokens, connection strings, etc. – multiply across the IT landscape. This presents a significant vulnerability, as it increases the chances of unauthorized access, disclosure, or use of these secrets.

The Challenges with Current Solutions

Vaults, the go-to secrets storage solution for many organizations, pose their own set of challenges. Many companies use multiple vaults across various cloud environments, creating fragmentation and introducing more potential points of failure. Conversion between these vaults can lead to security issues, and not all secrets are even managed within these vaults.

Why We Chose to Invest in Entro

What captured our attention about Entro is the team’s comprehensive approach to the problem, coupled with their relentless passion for finding a solution. During our discussions, we saw that they had a clear understanding of the market needs and were open to challenging their initial assumptions to adapt and grow. This adaptability, combined with a methodical decision-making process, convinced us of their potential.

A Holistic Approach to Secrets Management

Entro offers a comprehensive solution that includes visibility and secrets detection in a holistic manner. The platform enables security teams to track the full story of each secret, such as its purpose, ownership, activity log, associated apps, and rotation policy. It also allows for attack-path simulation and blast-radius assessment, helping teams prioritize issues based on real-world attack scenarios. With workflow automation and integrations, teams can swiftly remediate any issues.

Our Investment and Entro’s Potential

Our investment in Entro is a bet on a holistic approach to a high-demand security problem. We see a dedicated and passionate team of founders who have personally experienced the challenges they’re solving during their previous roles. Entro recently raised $6 million in seed funding, which we co-led in conjunction with StageOne. We were joined by a list of respected angel investors, further validating the potential of this promising startup.

Entro: A Game-Changer for Cybersecurity

Entro’s platform is a game-changer. It’s the first to detect, safeguard, and provide context for secrets across various environments including vaults, source code, collaboration tools, cloud environments, and SaaS platforms. Moreover, it helps to meet regulatory requirements like SOC 2 that demand secrets protection, such as rotation.

Entro’s Non-Intrusive Integration

One of the most impressive aspects of Entro’s solution is its non-intrusive nature. Organizations can integrate the platform in minutes without any need for onboarding by R&D teams. This frictionless approach ensures that security teams can deploy the solution effortlessly and quickly requiring read-only permissions. Companies can continue to use their preferred tools without compromising on security.

Praise for Entro’s Solution

Entro has already begun to prove its value. Avishai Avivi, CISO of SafeBreach, lauded Entro for helping his team gain total visibility of all their secrets across various environments and manage them effectively.

Founders with a Vision

The founders, Itzik Alvas (CEO) and Adam Cheriki (CTO), have built a platform that offers a one-stop solution to protect and monitor all secrets, no matter where they are stored or leaked. Their past experience with secret-based attacks, from their roles in the elite intelligence units at the IDF through Microsoft, Broadcom, and other firms, has informed their approach.

Looking Ahead

We at Hyperwise Ventures are excited to back Entro and look forward to supporting them as they help security teams reclaim control of their secrets. For more information, visit Entro Security.

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